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Welcome to Estimate Software

esti-mate has been designed by Estimators for Estimators and is perfect for other construction professionals such as Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Contract Managers, Building Surveyors, Buyers and Site Staff.

    Our software can be used by all types of construction companies including:

    • Jobbing Builders, Small Contractors and Subcontractors
    • Major Contractors
    • Builders
    • Civil Engineers
    • House Builders and Developers
    • Professional Quantity Surveyors
    • Local Authorities
    • Colleges and Training Establishments


    When you use esti-mate you will find:

    • Fast and efficient functionality
    • Affordable prices
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • True multi-user


    There are:

    • No security dongles
    • No mandatory lengthy contracts
    • No “time out” if support expires



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Substantial Discounts available if you trade in your existing estimating system

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