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Builder's On-screen Take-off

    As we all know today’s technology is designing technology for tomorrow. Everything is being constantly enhanced and updated. We are no exception. At Estimate Software we are constantly and consistently enhancing our products to create the best tools for your business.

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    Builder's On-screen Take-off allows you to take off linked measurements from PDF drawings (on screen) directly into the standard Dimensions system - and you don’t need anything other than your mouse!


    • The Take-Off module is accessed directly from the item on your bill page.
    • Take off measurement directly into the Dim sheet within Estimating Module
    • On screen measurement from PDF drawings
    • Dimensions linked directly to bill items
    • Measures length, perimeter, area and counts items
    • Accurate scaling and re-scaling of measurements
    • 2 zone scales available for each PDF drawing


    • The drawing is marked up with the measurements for each item you measure including deductions for openings.
    • Captures and saves all measures on drawings for future use.
    • Measurements used to mark-up drawings in colour
    • Link measurements to B of Q Dims or to Global Dims
    • Changes to the take-off measurements automatically update linked Dims.
    • Records drawings used with B of Q items
    • Live audit trail from Estimate Dims to take-off drawings

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