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Materials Enquiry and Comparisons

      This Module allows Materials schedules to be built, sent out as enquiries to Suppliers and prices compared and selected for the Estimate.

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      Main facilities include:-

      • This module is accessed from within the Estimating Module, allowing the enquiry process to be carried out as part of the complete estimating process.
      • Materials can be created in the Enquiry Module or in the Estimating Module and there is no requirement for them to be previously allocated to Estimate Items.
      • Quantities can be calculated from the Estimate usage or by directly entering a quantity to buy. Materials may have Buying Units defined, with conversion factors to the Units used within Estimating.
      • Materials are grouped by Categories to allow them to be sent to the correct type of Supplier. Any number of Suppliers can be allocated to each Category and materials can be in several Categories.
      • Enquiries can be printed or sent by e-mail. E-mails can have attached files such as specifications etc, and the list of materials can be attached in a variety of formats.
      • Standard letters can be created within the module and attached to the enquiry.
      • Quotations returning by e-mail can be imported directly into the comparison sheet without typing.
      • Prices can be selected (and used to update the Estimate prices) for a single material from any Supplier, by selecting a single Supplier for all the materials or by selecting the cheapest prices within the Category.
      • Enquiry progress can be tracked, with follow-up letters, recording of contact by telephone etc.
      • Register of Suppliers, Depots and Category allocations.


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