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System Overview

    Esti-mate is a range of products for the Construction Industry. The software has been designed to be simple to use and includes facilities for Estimating, Quotations, Bill of Quantities, Materials Enquiries, Subcontractor Enquiries and Comparisons, Post Contract Valuations and Job Costing.

    The Esti-mate development team, with over 20 years experience, has previously been responsible for producing other industry-leading estimating systems, and now bring their expertise to this highly functional, easy to use, software.

    Esti-mate is a powerful, yet affordable, range of Estimating and post-contract software with features usually only found in systems costing thousands of pounds more. Esti-mate can be used for all sizes and types of job including small and large building projects and civil engineering work as well as specialist trades.

    The Esti-mate product range will run on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP Win7, Win 8 and Win 10. The software runs on most networks, provided that Windows is available. The programs are automatically set to run in multi-user mode, allowing more than one user in the same job at the same time.

    The Esti-mate software range is a fully integrated set of modules and includes:

    Estimating Module

    Produces Quotations and traditional Bills of Quantities with prices created from Labour, Plant, Materials and Subcontractor resources. Dimensions may be taken off using traditional methods. Full analysis of the job is provided, including resource schedules and elemental analysis. Resource prices may be rapidly adjusted with the job rates being automatically updated.  Profits may be added at resource, work item or job levels.

    Surfacing Calculator

    This specialist module allows the rapid entry of Surfacing Items to be added to an Estimate. The calculator allows materials and gangs to be selected, with the quantities of the materials (in tonnes) calculated from material density, % compaction, thickness, % waste and superage. These calculations are then applied to the total Item quantity (measured in square metres) and a rate build-up produced as a combination of the materials, labour, plant, gang, transport costs etc. The calculator may be used add several surfacing elements to the same Item, such as sub-base, main and wearing courses etc. The calculator may be used to change any element of the calculations after they have been initially created.

    Materials Enquiry Module

    This Module may be accessed from within the  Estimating, or as a stand-alone program, allowing the enquiry process to be carried out in parallel with the estimating process. The module allows Materials schedules to be created, sent out as enquiries to Suppliers, using e-mail or printed documents. The quoted prices may then be compared and selected for automatic updating the Estimate prices.

    Subcontractor Module

    This Module may be accessed from within the Estimating, or as a stand-alone program, allowing the enquiry process to be carried out in parallel with the estimating process. The module allows the Bill Items to be allocated to Trade packages. Packages may be sent out as enquiries to any number of subcontractors, using e-mail or printed documents. When quotations are received, the module allows comparison of their rates in a variety of ways. A subcontractor's rates may be selected for automatic update of the Estimate.

    Bill Import Module

    This is a Stand-alone module which allows Estimates to be quickly and easily created from files produced by programs other than Esti-mate. The module contains routines for importing CITE files, Microsoft Excel worksheets, CSV files and ASCII text files created by word processors or scanning/OCR systems. Additionally, estimates may be rapidly created by entering a range of Sections, Pages and Items, with Items using the Section/Page/Reference (e.g. 2/4/A) as their text.

    Valuations Module

    This stand-alone program uses jobs directly from the Estimating module to form a Contract, fixing the rates and quantities during the import. The module allows the progression of the work to be recorded in the form of periodic Valuations. Quantity to Date figures may be entered for individual Items or groups of Items and may be entered directly, measured using Dimensions or entered as a percentage complete. Variations to the original Contract are recorded as work Items in the same manner as creating Items within the Estimating module. Original Items may be omitted as required. The Valuations module includes recording of Materials on Site and Daywork Sheets. Full analysis of the work to date is provided and the Valuation Statement may be used as an application for payment.

    Pricing Libraries

    Industry standard priced descriptions for rapid creation of elements within the Estimate. Prices within these Libraries include Labour, Plant, Materials and Subcontractor resources. Libraries include Small & Major Works, Civil Engineering and ARM (priced in euro).

    Library Maintenance Module

    Esti-mate uses fully priced Industry standard Libraries including Small & Major Works (SMM7), Civil Engineering, Highways and ARM (priced in euros). The Library Maintenance Module allows maintenance of these or creation of your own Libraries including copying from existing ones.

    Main Contractor Suite

    The Main Contractor suite contains Estimating, Subcontract & Materials Enquiries, Bill Import and Library Maintenance modules with additional features including use of multiple Bills per job, globally defined dimensions, Specifications and enhanced analysis and printing. The system also includes the Major Works Library as standard.

    House-builder’s Suite

    The House-builder’s suite consists of all Esti-mate modules with additional features to allow the setting up, analysis and printing of a site and tracking the progress of the work. The job may contain House-types and Site-works and may be split into Plots and Phases. Tick-sheets may be used to measure the progress of the work, with additional work recorded as variations or dayworks against phases or plots.

    On-Screen Take Off

    This software module has been developed to provide the user with a totally flexible Take-Off system directly from PDF drawings.The module comes in 2 forms:

    • Bill Production used for producing Bills of Quantities for tenders and for pricing without the need for the Estimating Module
    • Builders Take Off used within the Estimating Module to take off dimensions directly into the Estimate Items

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