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Subcontract Enquiry and Comparisons

      The Subcontractor Enquiry and Comparison module allows the Bill Items to be allocated to Trade packages. Packages may be sent out as enquiries within the estimating system to any number of subcontractors using e-mail or printed documents. When quotations are received this software module allows you to compare rates in a variety of ways and allows you to select a subcontractor's rates for automatic update of the Estimate.

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      Main facilities include:-

      Marking Up

      • This Module, allowing the enquiry process to be carried out in parallel with the estimating process.
      • The module allows rapid marking up of the Estimate with Trades, by Item, groups of like Items, Pages, Sections etc, with multiple Trades per Item if required.
      • Items are abstracted for the Enquiry and displayed/printed as a Trade Bill. Page breaks are automatically generated and hard breaks can be added to format the enquiry.
      • Any number of Subcontractors can be added to the Enquiry from a Register of Subcontractors or directly into the job. Details of Depots/Regional Offices can be defined and used.


      • Enquiries can be printed or sent by e-mail. E-mails can be in C.I.T.E, word processor or spreadsheet formats and can have attached files such as specifications etc.
      • Standard letters can be created within the module and attached to the enquiry. Labels can be defined and printed for each Subcontractor in the enquiry.
      • Enquiry progress can be tracked, with follow-up letters, recording of contact by telephone etc.
      • Quotations returning by e-mail in Excel format (originally sent as an electronic enquiry) can be imported directly into the comparison sheet without typing.

      Analysis and Comparison

      • Comparisons can include general discounts, trading discounts and specified adjustments for each Subcontractor.
      • The Comparison contains an "Own Rate" value which can be set to include/exclude Resource Types (such as Labour, Plant, Materials etc) on an Item by Item basis or across the whole Enquiry.
      • Un-priced Subcontractor's Rates can be set as "Included" or a variety of types including Highest, Lowest or Average of the other Rates. Full analysis of a Subcontractors quote is provided.
      • Rates can be compared as a variance against a selected Subcontractor or against the Own Rate values. The items on this analysis can be limited to only those which vary by a percentage.
      • Analysis of the rates allows the "best" Subcontractor to be selected. The rates for that Subcontractor can be entered directly into the Estimate Items, optionally removing existing elements of the Item's rates. This process can also be reversed, re-establishing the original Item build-ups.
      • Register of Subcontractor's, Regional Offices, Subcontractor/Trade allocations.


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