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Tender Adjudication

    The Estimating software contains all the information and analysis required for general tender adjudication. This additional module analyses all of this information on one comprehensive screen. The tender adjudication module is a powerful tool for finalising tenders. It allows you to make adjustments quickly and easily and provides you with a Global Profit figure instantly.

    This module is a must for estimators and senior management who wish to manage their financial risk when finalising tenders.

    The depth of analysis and flexibility is exceptional.

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    Overheads and Profit

    • Add Global Profit and Global adjustments as a percentage or a lump sum
    • Analyse Margin as % of cost or % of bid
    • Include or exclude Trading Discounts in rates
    • Analyse Preliminaries separately
    • Assess recovery on Prime Cost and Provisional Sums including Nominated Subcontractors
    • Display and edit of total area for the estimate, with values display per Sq Ft/m2 for the cost or bid
    • Ability to drill down from Resource types to display and edit the list of Resources within the job.
    • Drill down to Item types to display and edit the items including Rates and Dimensions.
    • Full access to Subcontract and Materials Enquiries/Comparisons.
    • Warning flags for un-priced items, zero-valued resources and incomplete Dimensions, including drill-down to locate and edit those items.
    • 2 Additional fields for Global Profit/Adjustments, with the option to select which Item types attract the adjustments when spread.
    • Ability to type in the total Estimate value and work out the required profit.
    • Set Trading Discounts for Labour, Plant, Materials, Subcontractors etc
    • The Bill of Quantities can be printed from within the module.
    • Pie chart (in MS Excel) can be displayed to show the relative costs per adjudication line.
    • Add Main Contractor Discount (Subcontractors)
    • Output to Excel, CSV and PDF


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