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Post-contract Valuations

      This module uses the jobs produced by the Estimating program and allows a range of traditional Quantity Surveying functions to be performed and professional quality documentation to be produced.

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      Functions available include:-

      Data Transfer

      • All Estimate details transferred automatically and seamlessly - no need to retype the information.

      Valuing the Works

      • Separate Client and Internal Valuation Quantities. Quantities entered as numbers, percentages or as a lump-sum value for individual Items or across a range of Items.
      • Original Item quantities can be re-measured and the analysis and percentage completion values changed accordingly.
      • Variations can be recorded and priced in the same way as the Estimating system. Items can be omitted from the original Bill of Quantities.

      Analysis & Forecasts

      • Estimate Budgets.
      • Daywork Sheets.
      • Materials on Site recorded.
      • Valuation Statement that can be used as an application for payment.
      • Final Account Forecast showing the effects of variations, dayworks etc on the final Contract sum.
      • Comprehensive analysis of each Valuation and the Contract.
      • Full resource usage breakdown.
      • Cost/Value reconciliation including profit or loss forecasts.
      • Subcontractor and Supplier enquiries can be sent within this module
      • All quantities can be re-measured


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