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Price List

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Standard Modules

 Esti-Mate Software (UK Version)  800.00  
 Advanced Tender Adjudication  50.00  
 Subcontract Enquiries and Comparisons  350.00  
 Suppliers Material Enquiries and Comparisons  250.00  
 Surfacing Wizard Module  200.00  
 Bill Import Module  100.00  
 Builders On-Screen Take Off Module  250.00  
 PQS take Off Module including Bill Preparation  600.00  
 Library Maintenance Module  75.00  
 Valuations Module  400.00  

Software Suites

 Main Contractor Suite (Std)  1,300.00  
 Main Contractor Suite (Pro) 1,700.00  
 House Builder Suite (Std)  1,380.00  
 House Builder Suite (Pro)  2,100.00  

Pricing Libraries - BCIS/Wessex

 BCIS Major Works Library  250.00  
 BCIS Minor Works Library  250.00  
 BCIS Comprehensive Library  400.00  
 BCIS SMM7 Library  250.00  
 BCIS Alts and Refurb Library  200.00  
 BCIS Small Works Library  200.00  
 BCIS SMM7 Minor Works Library  250.00  
 BCIS Civils Library  250.00  

Pricing Libraries - Griffiths

 Griffiths SMM6 Alts and Repair  200.00  
 Griffiths SMM6 New Build  250.00  
 Griffiths M and E  250.00  

Pricing Libraries - Hutchins

 Hutchins NRM2 Major Works  250.00  
 Hutchins SMM7 Major Works  250.00  
 Hutchins SMM6 Small Works  250.00  


1 day training course on site  (excluding expenses) 950.00  
2 day training course on site  (excluding expenses) 1400.00  
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