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PQS Bill Production and Take-off

    Esti-mate are pleased to announce the launch of their new Bill Preparation and On Screen Take-Off software. The Bill Preparation and on screen Take-Off system is the perfect way to create Bills of Quantities, Schedules of Work and other documents for pricing.

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    Take Off Schedule

    The ease of use and speed in which you can produce a complete Take-Off schedule surpasses any other system on the market. It is ideal for Estimators when pricing and for a PQS practice for producing Bills of Quantities.

    Bill Preparation

    This software module has been developed to provide the user with a totally flexible stand-alone or integrated on screen Take-Off system as a tool for producing Bills of Quantities for tenders and for pricing.


    The many features include:

    • On screen measurement
    • Measures from PDF files.
    • Create complete Take-Off schedules
    • Dimensions link directly to Bill items
    • Projects open in Estimating module for pricing
    • Measures length, perimeter, area and counts items
    • Multipliers for converting to m2 and m3
    • No messy import routines
    • No cumbersome spreadsheet type files
    • Captures and saves all measures on drawings for future use
    • Attaches drawing in project and Bill items
    • Create BoQ within system
    • Export projects to CITE and Excel files
    • Comprehensive Libraries
    • Accurate scaling of drawings
    • Fully functional dim sheets
    • Create Global dims
    • Link Global dims to Bill items
    • Import jobs from CITE or Excel files
    • Drag and drop measurements onto Bill items

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