Construction Estimating Software
Construction Estimating Software

Create estimates from different file types

This fully integrated Module allows Estimates to be quickly and easily created from CITE files, Microsoft Excel, CSV or ASCII text files created by systems other than esti-mate.

Construction Estimating Software


  • Rapid manual input of Sections, Pages and Items using References, allows a Bill of Quantities to be priced without requiring scanning/OCR facilities
  • Automatic insertion of Pages and Sections using B of Q Item References
  • Rapid (optional) allocation of text elements to Esti-mate Item Types
  • Allows more than one import into a single Estimate
  • Export of Estimates to CITE format files for sending (priced or un-priced) to other Estimating systems
Construction Estimating Software
Construction Estimating Software
Construction Estimating Software

File Types

  • Direct import of Microsoft Excel Workbooks, including import from multiple worksheets in a single operation
  • Import of CITE Format files, allowing Bill of Quantities from most Estimating and Bill Production systems, to be converted to esti-mate jobs
  • Import of Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files, with optional setting of separator character (Tab, Pipe etc). This type of file may be produced from spreadsheets, databases and other Bill Production programs

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