The House Builder Suite is a totally integrated solution that allows Developers to estimate and analyse the costs throughout the life of a housing project.

This includes estimating budgets covering:

  • Build costs for dwellings, garages, flats, etc
  • Templates for standard house types Infrastructure costs for Roads, Sewers, External Works and Plotworks
  • Comprehensive Analysis by Phase, Plot, Element and Tick sheet
  • Resource schedules including Subcontractors Records
  • Analysis of Work in Progress linked to Phases, Plots, House Types, Siteworks and Plotworks

Measurement can be by quantity or tick sheet. Maintains original budgets, allows creation of the latest budget and comparison of work to date against both. Tracking of variations, Dayworks and Materials on-site Cost Value Reconciliation including links to Accounting systems utilising Account Cost Heads Construction management and price forecasting. We have engineered the best value fully functional software for the construction industry to date.

Our House Builder Suite includes the following modules:


Module Standard Professional
Estimating Module
Tender Adjudication Module
Subcontractors Enquiry Module
Materials Enquiry Module
Builders On-Screen Take-Off  
Library Maintenance Module
Bill Import Module
Valuations Module  
Choice of Database                             ✔
Suite Price £2,175 £3,325
Saving compared to individual module price £390 £675